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Redstone Candies has been manufacturing quality chocolates since 1947. Founded by Albert Bashour, he and his oldest son George located the factory in Republic, Pennsylvania, where Albert’s youngest son, Henry, eventually joined them in the business. Today, Redstone Candies is still owned and operated by the Bashour family which includes George's sons David and George pictured above as young entrepreneurs in the 1950s, and Henry's son James. The factory is still located in Republic, Pennsylvania.

During the late 1930s, Albert and his wife Josephine operated a "chocolate shoppe" that was located on Main Street in Republic, Pennsylvania. Republic was a small coal mining town located in Redstone Township, and as such, did not have many places for its residents to socialize. The "chocolate shoppe" became one of the most popular places for the residents, especially the high school students. Shortly after World War II, Albert began making fudge at his shoppe and with the help of his sons, George and Henry, also began making hand-dipped nut clusters. Production was extremely limited, but their candies were becoming very popular with the customers of the chocolate shoppe.

In the early 1950s, the Bashours received requests from the local miners' unions for boxes of their hand dipped candies. The unions wanted to give its members the candies as a gift for the Christmas Holiday. The candies were first boxed in plain paper boxes, but eventually an all white box with a bright red poinsettia on the front was used. To this day, that design is still used and is readily recognized by many people nationwide. For many, that white box with the red poinsettia has become a symbol of the Christmas season. Redstone Christmas candy has truly become a tradition during the holiday season. We have been told by many that Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without Redstone Candy.

The Bashour family began making Easter eggs in the early 1950s. The nougat eggs were hand-rolled as they still are today! They gradually expanded the egg line and began manufacturing solid milk chocolate Easter novelties such as rabbits and hens.

Today, Redstone Candies continues to manufacture a wide range of chocolate products for Christmas, Valentine, and Easter. There remains a steadfast commitment to produce quality chocolates for our many valued customers.

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